5 Smart Ways to Fight GMAT Exam Day Anxiety

5 Smart Ways to Fight GMAT Exam Day Anxiety

Is your GMAT Exam day awfully close by? Are you having second thoughts about your exam date? Are you feeling nervous about your exam day?

Relax! These are just jitters trying to skew your test scores. These are all perfectly normal responses to the looming exam – even the most skilled test-takers face GMAT Exam anxiety.

Here are five proven methods that help you remain calm and perform to your best abilities the GMAT:

  1. Study

Plan ahead. Set aside time to learn how the exam is ordered, what types of questions you will stumble upon in each section, when to either solve a problem or make a good guess, and how to use both your testing time and your break time proficiently. Fortunately, TRACTRAIN helps students to efficiently cultivate acquaintance with the GMAT materials.

  1. Celebrate your strengths

Do you do extremely well at solving problems? Are you a master of time management? Do your Analytical Writing Assessments deserve great praise? Acknowledge your weaknesses, but do not focus on them extremely.

If you are not strong in Reading Comprehension, but you perform wonderfully in Critical reasoning, that is okay! Practice Reading Comprehension questions before your test, but follow that with a bit of Critical Reasoning review to boost your spirits.

  1. Relax

Relax the night before your test. Close your books and enjoy yourself. Socialize with friends and participate in an activity that makes you feel happy and confident. On the day of the exam, manage your anxiety with relaxation exercises as you wait for the test to start.

  1. Eat well

Keep your mind and body healthy by eating well. Healthier people who are well-rested often do better on exams. On the day of the test—before arriving at the exam centre at least 30 minutes early—have a healthy breakfast. You will need the energy. Also, bring water and snacks with you to make certain you stay nourished and hydrated during your breaks.

  1. Remember that you can take the GMAT again

Do remember that, this exam will not conclude your entire MBA future. GMAT exam can be taken 5 times a year and about 8 times in a lifetime. Plan ahead. Allow for a one or two month shelter after your scheduled test date to prepare for and take an ensuing GMAT exam, if need be.


Test day anxiety is common but you do not have to let it establish how well you perform. Recognize the edginess that you have developed about your performance on this exact standardized exam on this particular day. Tackle your nervousness, your uncertainty, and your dread with the confidence you have developed by being prepared. Come head-to-head with that anxiety, and then let it go.


"Action is the foundational key to all success."

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