7 Common Reasons Schools Reject Applicants

7 Common Reasons Schools Reject Applicants

You’ve taken the time to prepare a good application: GMAT/GRE Score, statement of purpose and recommendation letters and apply to graduate school. Yet sometimes it doesn’t work out as planned and you are not admitted. The reality of college and grad school admissions is that there are many applicants at good schools than there are available spots.

Funding: You don’t have control over any of these factors, but the availability of funding has a huge impact on the likelihood that you will be admitted to a graduate program.

Low grades and test scores:  Students whose score are not decent still have a shot at admission, but they’ll have to really go the extra mile with other parts of their application to compensate for poor academics.

Faculty Availability: Sometimes faculty are overloaded and do not have space for other students

Poor choice of schools: Having an adequate number of target schools  on your list will support your chances of acknowledgment.

The application is incomplete: Doing your homework ahead of time to know what the institutions require and to know what the deadlines are, will help with fast application review.

Recommendation letter/Statement of purpose:

Recommendations are meant to provide a third-person perspective on you as an individual. While your grades/scores are supposed to represent your intellectual capabilities and your essay allows you the opportunity of presenting your point of view, recommendations by those who know you give the university an independent assessment of your skills and qualities.

Lack of interview Preparation: Preparing ahead of time and doing your research will make admission officers impressed.


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