A levels for post-secondary school qualification in the UK

A levels for post-secondary school qualification in the UK

A levels are a prestigious post-secondary school qualification in the UK, and are a key part of the application process for UK students wishing to attend a UK university. Where is the best A levels classes in Nigeria? At TRACTRAIN our focus is to offer one-on-one expert prep and help exam/test takers seeking to take the Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary Levels (AS Levels) and the Cambridge International Advanced Levels (A Levels) to excel without having to retake their exams.

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Quick overview:
Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary Levels (AS Levels) 1 year programme
For certification: 2 papers lasting for about 3 hours and a maximum score of 125 points
Cambridge International Advanced Levels (A Levels) 2 years programme
For certification: 4 papers lasting 6 hours with a maximum score of 250 points

A*: 90% and above
A: 80-89%
B: 70-79%
C: 60-69%
D: 50-59%
E: 40-49%
NOTE: A good score begins from B; and there is no A* for the AS Level.

SYLLABUS: The course is divided into pure mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics
 Pure Mathematics: Geometry, Algebra, functions, Vectors, sequence and series, Trigonometry, Coordinate geometry, Differentiation, integration, Ordinary Differential Equations, Numerical methods of solving differential equations, Complex numbers.
 Mechanics (Applied Mathematics): Forces and Equilibrium; Motion, Energy, Work and power; projectiles, Elasticity
 Probability and Statistics: Data analysis, permutation and combination, probability, probability Distribution, hypothesis testing, probability Distribution Functions, sampling and Estimation.
 Note: the contents depend on the choice of the programme.

Get further on content details here.

For AS Level (half of A Level): candidate is to take two units; a compulsory unit and an optional unit.
The compulsory unit is the pure mathematics 1 (P1) which covers the 60% of the whole assessment mark and then the optional unit of any one of the following Pure mathematics 2 (P2) 40%, Mechanics 1 (M1) 40% or statistics 1 (S1) 40%
 Note: candidate who intend to take the Full A level later should not take the P2 option
For A level (Full): candidate is to take four units; two compulsory units and two optional units.
The compulsory units (60%): Pure Mathematics 1 (P1) 30% and Pure Mathematics 3 (P3) 30%.
The optional units (40%): Mechanics 1 (M1) 20% and Statistics 1 (S1) 20% OR
Mechanics 1 (M1) 20% and Mechanics 2 (M2) 20% OR
Statistics 1 (S1) 20% and Statistics 2 (S2) 20%
NOTE: To make a good score, you need to score at least 50% in the compulsory unit(s) and at least 30% in the optional unit.

Option 1: AS Level alone; candidate can take the Cambridge international AS level certification alone.
Option 2: candidate can take the AS Level certification (P1 and M1 or S1) as the first half and then take the remainder of A Level to get the full certification as the second half.
Option 3: Full A Level once; candidate can sit for the 4 papers required for the full a Level certification at the end of the programme.
NOTE: AS Level is awarded 1 Credit while the full A Level is awarded 2 Credits.

Take discuss what TRACTRAIN can do for you, please call: +234-0703-537-5441.
We are in Abuja, Ikeja and V/Island (Lagos). Check our locations here.

Prep Fees and registration:
Varies and subject to duration, focus and immediacy of prep. Take discuss what we can do for you. To
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