Eight Tips to Write a Better Statement of Purpose

Eight Tips to Write a Better Statement of Purpose

Do you have the dream of going to a top Ivy League school? E.g Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD, Wharton, ROTMAN, etc. Are you in dire need of a statement of purpose? Do you want to write a statement of purpose that is captivating, convincing, insightful and compelling? Then check-out these hints to make your Statement of purpose Professional.

Use the active voice: Sentences in the active voice carries energy and are direct, both of which will keep your reader turning the pages!

Be concise: There are a lot of phrases that we use to connect sentences, to pad our writing. Use ‘However’ in preference to ‘On the other hand’. Use ‘how’ in preference to ‘the ways in which’. For Example:

  • The Lecturer explained the ways in which he won the game.
  • The Lecturer explained how he won the game.

Understand what you write: Remember, your writing is not to impress the reader with big words but to communicate your ideas.

Use a thesaurus to find alternatives to words you find yourself repeating:A thesaurus can also be used as a vocabulary builder. You can use a thesaurus to discover new ways of expressing yourself. A thesaurus is used to help you become more precise

Use positive language: Language is an exceedingly powerful tool. The way you express yourself will affect whether your message is received positively or negatively.  Positive phrasing and language should stress positive actions and positive consequences that can be anticipated

Make every word count: Recognize the power of a single, well-chosen word. Everything you write should convey something new.

Proofread, Edit, and Re-edit. Ask Friends and Family to Grade Your Essay: Once you are done, do not forget to ask your friends and family to grade your statement of purpose, and ask them to criticize it accurately, so you can avoid submitting a less than perfect copy of your statement. You can also consult professionals who can guide you in the process.

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The graduate school statement of purpose is your chance to demonstrate your unique qualifications and commitment to your chosen field by discussing those experiences, people, and events that compelled you to pursue it. With an average GMAT or GRE score you may still get a place in an MBA class, but a BADLY written essay will definitely ruin your chances! For information about our GMAT/GRE classes kindly visit www.tractrain.com/gmat/

Now it’s your Turn!

You now have tips to write a statement of purpose, Inspire the committee, and thereby ace the admissions process. Make sure you do every one of these things, and you won’t be far away from the college of your dreams


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