gmat exam prep

gmat exam prep

7 pointers you should look out for as your search for a credible GMAT exam prep service.

Does the GMAT exam prep company offer to help you pay for the GMAT exam registration?

Our advice, don’t take the offer. Get payment done using your Visa or MasterCard and save some money (which you would have paid as commission) and potential complications in the nearest future. There is a test centre in Lagos (UKEAS) and Abuja. Note that a test centre cannot prep you for the GMAT exam; that will be unethical. The GMAT score is valid for five years. The GMAT exam is $250 only. You can register, choose your desired test date, test location and make payment at the official GMAT registration website which is

Beyond the GMAT prep, what else does the GMAT exam prep company have to offer, to help you with your targetted goal?

The GMAT is a tool; it’s not your goal. Your goal should be an admission and if possible scholarship. A list of what a seasoned GMAT exam prep company can deliver beyond the GMAT should include some or all of the following: CV restructuring suited for your MBA/grad school application, S.O.P for your application, advisory service, scholarship assistance. Learn more here.

Approach and programme content

Never underestimate structure. A serious GMAT exam prep programme must have course or prep content readily available. Prepping is not a ‘Sunday morning service’. You should know your content ahead of a scheduled session.
Here are some questions you should have at the back of your mind:

-What is taught or covered in the GMAT exam prep? See an example.
-What strategy is employed to get great results? See a sample video here.
-Do they have an objective tool to check your GMAT quantitative(maths) aptitude for free before you start? See an example .

What is the track record of success of the GMAT exam prep company?

It is important to spend your valuable time and limited financial resources where a consistent track record has been established. It should also be verifiable. To get an idea of what we are talking about, when we mention success you should visit this page.

Address, location and spread?

Home coaching isn’t bad but when your home is the only point of contact with your instructor or the GMAT exam prep company you are talking to or engaging, it’s time to review your decision-making process.
If a GMAT exam prep company isn’t operating in several places in your state or country, then they simply aren’t accessible. It may also mean, they have low patronage. In other words, poor success track record; think twice. Sorry, think thrice.

Can you learn the GMAT even when you are not in the classroom with the prep company?

It’s the 21st century, are you offered the ability to learn on your devices from the GMAT exam prep company?

Some of the features which the new GMAT self-study system has its feature will include the following: Impressive Analytic tools to diagnose/display areas to focus on; detailed lesson notes on various quant(maths) and verbal topics, GMAT syllabus(including the Integrated Reasoning section) and more.

Try one out for FREE (24/7 for three days), visit this page.

Can you determine the price you pay for the GMAT exam prep service?

Very few companies offer this service despite the fact that it brings clarify to the subscription process. However, it’s important to note that a cheap price tag, is a good indicator of what you may eventually get out of the service. Seasoned GMAT exam prep companies usually pay more to keep great talent to continue to deliver excellent service.

See a good example of the point made above here.

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