GMAT Score Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

40-point More Score Guaranteed (MSG).

If the Tractrain GMAT classroom prep does not improve your score by 40 points, we will repeat the prep (to cover the problematic section of the test) for free.

MSG is applicable only if you have taken the official GMAT exam before starting your GMAT prep with Tractrain.


I.  More Score Guarantee:
If you have signed up and participated in a complete GMAT prep course(all sections), we guarantee a 40-point increase in your overall score.
If you have a Math self-paced prep subscription (online), we guarantee a 2-point increase in the Math section.
If you have a Verbal self-paced prep subscription (online), we guarantee a 2-point increase in the Verbal section.
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II. Eligibility and Requirements:

1. Your ‘old’ official GMAT test score must be valid and not be more than two years old.
2. You must have completed your prep within a consecutive three-month time frame and attended all the scheduled prep sessions.
3. You must take your official GMAT test within four months, counting from your first date in the classroom prep or activation date for the self-paced learning prep.
4. You must submit two full-length simulation tests (from screenshot of your test scores to us weekly (via email) in the course of your prep program.
5. Email us a copy of your “Before” score report when you sign up. A scan or screenshot of your official score report will suffice.
Please email us at with the subject line “Before Score Report for GMAT More Score Guarantee” to submit your “before score report.”

III. Recommended:
Attend all scheduled prep sessions.
Watch all of the lesson videos (for gmat self-paced prep users).
Complete all of the Tractrain practice questions.
Watch the video explanations for all the questions you answer incorrectly.

We believe that excelling in the GMAT test takes hard work. We are also confident in the effectiveness of Tractrain prep programs, so if you have done all of the above
and you don’t improve your score by at least 40 points, email us a scanned copy of your “After” score report, and we will take the necessary action (in cases where the
more-score-guarantee request is valid and meets the requirements as stated above in I).

What if I have never taken the exam before?
You can still prep with Tractrain; however, you will not be eligible for the more score guarantee.

What if I complete the prep program, take the official test, and my score on test day is higher—but I am not happy with the score and plan to test again?
Tractrain more score guarantee will not apply for such subsequent test attempts.

Instead of getting a 40-point more score guarantee, can I get a cash refund instead?
In the event that you qualify to benefit from the stated score guarantee provision, we do not offer cash refunds.

If I qualify for the More-Score-Guarantee, what is the duration for the repeat prep sessions that will cover the problematic section of the test?
The duration for the repeat is 6-hours prep, it is designed to be delivered within two Saturdays (or its weekday equivalent were applicable).

For the More-Score-Guarantee, what is the duration for the repeat, if I subscribed for the self-paced learning option?
Those that signed up (not a bonus account) for the self-paced learning option will get a one month access (24/7) for free.

Questions? Please email us at or give us a call at +234-906-000-1365.