LBS Adopts GMAT For MBA Entrance Exam

LBS Adopts GMAT For MBA Entrance Exam

According to businessdayonline, the Lagos Business School has officially  adopted GMAT as the only form of written assessment pre-qualifying  applicants for its full-time MBA programme. The official GMAT exam,  accepted by over 6,000 schools globally, measures candidates’ analytical  skills and determines their preparedness for the business school classroom.

TRACTRAIN GMAT prep welcomes this new change for three reasons:
First, Tractrain Prep is the first test prep company in Africa to be introduced by senior LBS handlers to MBA and EMBA candidates at Lagos Business School in 2004!. Thereby offering us a unparalleledunderstanding of the challenges faced by LBS MBA/EMBA applicants.

Second,we have succeeded in getting more people into the most prestigious graduate and Ivy league MBA schools around the world than any other company in Nigeria and West Africa. See some recent testimonials and testimonials from successful Lagos Business School(MBA and EMBA) applicants who chose TRACTRAIN GMAT prep.

Third, because our GMAT lectures are delivered by our 99th percentile instructors and our team is comprised of Ivy league MBA alums; the TRACTRAIN GMAT prep is undeniably the best GMAT prep program in Nigeria;that is why we can guarantee success for our GMAT prep participants everytime. Watch free videos to see some of our GMAT shortcuts and techniques.

“Candidates who take the official GMAT have a very high tendency to perform exceptionally well in class and eventually graduate to become highly sought-after professionals,” said Uchenna Uzo, MBA director. “The GMAT exam will help us identify candidates with the potential we need to achieve this,” Uzo added.

It is also important to note that LBS restructured its full-time MBA programme, stipulating that candidates have a minimum of three years’ post-qualification work experience as against one. The duration of the programme was also reduced from 21 to 18 months and offers students international exchange programme opportunities.

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