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 GMAT (Self-study)

Get great GMAT results in days, while you study at your own pace! Use TRACTRAIN Prep’s computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests. .You can now learn at an afforbale fee, anywhere you are, on all devices 24/7!

Price (one-off payment)

Unlimited GMAT expert learning/access for 6-months, 24/7.

N39,500 .i.e.N6,590/month per person
(1 person)
N49,000 .i.e.N4,125/month per person
(for 2 persons)
N59,500 .i.e.N3,300/month per person.
(for 3 persons)

N9,500 (5 CAT test online. 1 month only)

N1,500 (7 days access extra)

N1,000 (7 days access)


N39,500, N49,500 & N59,500 options are eligible for:
50% discount on all TRACTRAIN prep for 3 months.
25% discount on MBA/MSc admission services to Canadian schools(including Rotman(MBA) Canada our partner).
14 hours free expert GMAT prep in V/Island, Lagos.


6-month(access) Self-study.Online.24/7.
(+ FREE 14 hour Expert GMAT classroom prep– in V/Island)

Date From

Today to 6 months from sign-up


Tractrain GMAT self study/online practice and prep  helps track your progress, a detailed and interactive online GMAT study plan, and much more. What’s included:

  • 5,000 Online GMAT Practice problems and solutions
  • Complete GMAT syllabus, 14 sessions (including the new IR section)
  • 6-month unlimited access(24/7)
  • GMAT Practice Tests Generator
  • 9 CAT (Computer Adaptive Test)
  • Works on all devices
  • Bonus Classroom Expert prep
  • 50% off all other Tractrain services(12 weeks)
  • New! GMAT Prof Service (1st in Africa) for free for 1 month.
  • FREE 14-hour Expert GMAT classroom prep (monthly)
  • And lots more..

Enquiries Call: 0803-355-7712, 0703-537-5468.

Guaranteed higher GMAT scores in days.



Exclusive study materials and video on demand used by successful test takers is now at your fingertips. Access unlimited practice pool of questions to ensure that you hit a top GMAT score. Higher GMAT Score Guaranteed.

Learn from the basic level to the advanced GMAT theory.



Simply incredible. The adaptive technology (advanced diagnostic software algorithms) that drives the GMAT-prep-on-demand online service (akin to the one used on the actual GMAT) customizes itself to your aptitude and create your own learning path.

When combined with our live prep sessions, you are guaranteed a higher GMAT score.

Track your progress. Improve GMAT preparation faster.


Access an unlimited practice pool of questions and detailed explanations to
ensure that you hit a top GMAT score. Follow success; use the question pool
employed by successful GMAT test takers applicants.

Get unlimited practice and detailed GMAT explanations.


The Tractrain GMAT-prep-on-demand analytic tools detect precisely areas where you are weak and focuses your practice on those areas. Saving valuable time and ensuring significant GMAT score increases.


Focus your practice where they really count.

The Tractrain’s GMAT prep-on-demand personalised dashboard gives you an up-to-date window into to your GMAT prep status.

It’s now easier than ever to monitor your progress and remain on track with your personalized study plan. Now you know how far you are from your goal-accurately.

Your personalized GMAT study plan on the go.

To sign-up go to the form on the first tab or call +234-703-537-5468, +234-803-355-7712 or email:

GMAT Syllabus
The TRACTRAIN expert GMAT self-study/online syllabus contains thirteen study sessions and an introductory session. Of course, all the useful tricks and shortcuts that can help you deduce the correct answer or save time are also included in our GMAT syllabus, but the emphasis is made on the theoretical GMAT prep material and practice questions, because no set of strategies and tricks ensures high GMAT score if you do not know the material tested on the GMAT.

We know some people will still like to spend time in the classroom to prepare for the GMAT. We are also offering a bonus 14 hours classroom expert lecture every month (Saturdays). If you are in Lagos, please call to book a free seat.

Session 1

Properties of integers, Consecutive integers Factors and Multiples (GCF,LCM), Prime factorization

General info about sentence correction questions, General principle of subject-verb agreement, Plural and singular subjects, Simple and compound subjects.
Session 2

Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Ratio and proportion

General info about GMAT critical reasoning questions, Structural parts of GMAT arguments, Assumption questions, Types of assumptions used in GMAT questions

Session 3

Properties of real numbers, Absolute value, Exponents (properties, operations), Roots (properties, operations)

General info about reading comprehension questions, Main idea questions, Purpose questions, Title questions.

Click here to see complete(1-13) syllabus.

To sign-up go to the form on the first tab or call +234-703-537-5468, +234-803-355-7712 or email:

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