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New! Prep-by-geeks are Tractrain-ed experts handpicked for you. For Local exams, pre and post secondary subjects; excellent results guaranteed.

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Cutting-edge education intervention.

The amazing Tractrain’s prepbygeeks on demand service for your child; offers expert personalized or group prep lessons.  Now accessible and affordable.


  • Pre and post secondary subjects
  • Expect  excellent results for all standardized tests (SAT, PSAT, SSAT, IELTS, TOEFL and more).
  • No guesswork here, get Tractrain-ed experts tutors handpicked for you.Register Now

Get focused on your maths.

Simply incredible. Our specialized content and live maths sessions are guaranteed to get you  excellent score in all  mathematics and quantitative tests and exams.

  • Expect progress report sent to you weekly.
  • Lots of simulations, diagnostic sessions and mock tests.
  • Our focus is STEM, our goal is to make your a child a genius.

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Science subjects – Get Catalyzed to Succeed.

Access an unlimited practice pool of questions and detailed explanations to ensure that you hit a top GMAT score. Follow success; use the question pool employed by successful GMAT test takers applicants.

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Get unlimited practice and detailed  explanations.

The Tractrain Prebygeeks analytic tools detect precisely areas where you are weak and focuses your practice on those areas. Saving valuable time and ensuring we get you results.

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Who are Prepbygeeks tutors ?

Prepbygeeks tutors are 99% percentile instructors/facilitators with vast knowledge and experience to teach/coach adults and children at our serene centers and the comfort of your homes. Base on our pedigree over a decade in career development service, statistics and survey reveal that students that have one to one sessions with their teacher perform 85% better than students without. Looking to connect with a tutor?

Why study with Prepbygeeks ?

At Prepbygeeks, we have more than 30 instructors/facilitators with specialty in various fields of academics and are located across Lagos,Abuja and Portharcourt which makes it easy and accessible to get the best instructors/facilitators at our domain and your door step without any difficulties. We are also flexible in terms of our fees our goal is to work with our clients to embed knowledge

How do you operate ?

Three easy steps

  1. The client/parent is required to signup and fill our online form which essence is to collate clients/parent details and all necessary information about the student.
  2. We assign instructors/facilitators to teach/coach who suit your preference and required skill set.
  3.  Fees will be made available and payment will be made to a designated bank account.

What ages/classes do you work with ?

  We coach/teach students from ages 10 upwards.

How do you charge and what are the fees ?

Our charges and fees are based on the following:

  1. How many persons is the instructor/facilitator expected to teach/coach?
  2. Number of sessions and hours of each session, expected to taken by student.
  3. Distance between the instructor/facilitator and the client residence.
  4. Is client coming for sessions at Prepbygeeks center?
  5. The age of the child.
  6. Skill/subject said to be taught
For exact fees and your request, you can sign up, call us or fill our online form and you would be contacted with price details

What if the fee is beyond my budget ?

We do our best to be flexible with fees (usually above 39,000 per month)  we are always able to work within your budget.

How flexible is your structure ?

The structure is extremely flexible, most time we work with our clients schedule which can be changed where the new arrangements by a client are no longer convenient with no extra charge if given at least 48hours notice of the change.

How safe is my child with your instructor/facilitator ? and will an instructor/facilitator steal from my house?, how do I know he/she is a responsible individual?

  We take extra precautions to ensure that our instructors/facilitators are highly responsible but in a case of any reported issues Prepbygeeks will be responsible.

How many instructors/facilitator can I get from my children ?

As many as requested. However we advise not to have more than 2 instructors/facilitators for one child except in cases where the child is learning several specialized knowledge subjects.

Do you have instructors/facilitators for skilled / specialized subjects ?

Yes we do. For subjects such as web programming and website design, writing skills, coding. Animation etc.

What happens in cases of change in location, or if a child goes to boarding school ?

Notification of such changes should be given at least 2 weeks to 1 month early; to restructure and reschedule sessions of clients with minimal cost to the client.

How can I get a discount ?

We give discounts up to and 50% for clients who pay up front of 3 months or more.

Under what circumstances do I get a refund?

85% of fees paid will be refund for services not rendered, and also if a parent already paid an upfront and for any reason the service of the instructor/facilitator is discontinued or no longer required. However, in cases where the discontinuity comes from the client, we require the notice of 1 month.

What else will i gain by working with Prepbygeeks ?

Flexibility, accountability, no price haggling, discounted fees, FREE invitation to Prepbygeeks info sessions, easy replacement of instructors/facilitators, security of your home( we are accountable), and much more.

Where are we located ?

  • No18 Babatunde jose street off adetokunbo ademola Victoria island Lagos
  • No 19 emina crescent off toyin street ikeja lagos
  • No 46 lobito crescent wuse 11 FCT Abuja
  • Feel to call us at 08033557712, 07035375453, 07035375441 or send an email to

Get original textbooks.

The new books have lots of never been published questions too. 

*All textbooks purchases are non-refundable.

Fix what you pay, try fee ‘estimator’.


Who should I direct question about my course to?

For administrative-related issues, you may direct them to our programmes manager. via email:

For clarifications and bank payments details for TRACTRAIN promo services, please call:

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