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Where are the SSAT exam centres in Lagos? Where are the SSAT lessons tutorials in Nigeria? Tractrain has all the answers as you pursue admission/transfer into a to private (US) school. Please check some of our recent and amazing *testimonials here.

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SSAT level

Save time, start now, by choosing asn SSAT level to take. The ssat level you will be taking will most likely be the “ssat upper level” i.e.for students in grades 8 through 11). There are other SSAT levels, learn more here

SSAT Prep:

-Two instructors will typically be assigned to cover the entire ssat prep sections.
-To register for the expert prep, you will be expected to return a filled registration form (free).

Prep duration and venue

We strongly recommend that the prep duration should run for 2 or 3 months (minimum), to get full benefits from the prep programme.

One-on-one ssat prep sessions will be delivered at client’s home/ or at one of our prep venues.
Our venues in Nigeria:

SSAT exam fee & registration:

ssat exam fee: $197 (not paid to Tractrain), reconfirm on the ssat offical website (

The ssat exam (in Lagos, Nigeria) is usually taken at a private school in Lagos, contact us for details and updates.

SSAT Scoring:
Each of the three main Upper Level test sections is scored on a scale of 500 to 800, with a total scaled score range of 1500 to 2400.

For over one decade, we have successfully worked with clients to meet the toughest academic or test score requirements demanded from the best schools around the world. Call or email us now for discounts are more info.

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*We typically do not put up/publish names or testimonials from our clients who are below 18 years old.

SSAT prep options
SSAT prep duration and frequency can be extended (applicable fee for extensions will be pro-rated.

SSAT prep options:
Weekday(or weekend) prep options:

A day in a week
i.e.4 sessions

i.e. 2 days in a week
8 sessions

3 days in a week
i.e. 12 sessions

Note: prep duration and frequency can be extended (applicable fee for extensions will be pro-rated).

All ssat prep fees start from N195,000 upwards (actual fees will be determined before start).

Terms (t & c):

Our abridged terms are here:


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You can reach us on these lines:
+234-906-000-1365 (Client services)
+234-803-355-7712 (whatsapp chat and discounts)