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ABOUT the applicant:
The applicant studied geography (bsc) 8 years ago. Worked in a telecoms firm for 5 years and has been running a nursery and primary school for 3 years. The applicant(female) wants to pursue a MS in social work from a university in canada(laurentian).
All applicants are required to submit an essay of up to 2,000 words.
As used in the admissions process, this essay is viewed as one measure of the applicant’s conceptual abilities and expository writing skills. For those admitted to the program, it serves as an initial indication of the applicant’s expectations regarding specialization and general topic for the master’s thesis or advanced practicum project. The following guiding questions should be considered in writing your essay.
1. What, from your socio­‐cultural perspective, do you bring to social work?
2. What contribution to you see yourself making to social work in northern communities? (please include any innovative notions you may have in this regard)

3. Carefully read the description of the M.S.W. program and outline of courses. Indicate your current preference for a thesis or advanced practicum. As specifically as you can, explain what topic might you consider for a research thesis or advanced practicum. What are your thoughts on how you would go about accomplishing this project?
Your essay will be evaluated carefully by the Admissions Committee for clarity, specificity, relevant research, conceptualization, and feasibility.

References are not required for this essay.