Terms and Conditions





Terms and Conditions for prep and services.

(1) Tractrain shall not be bound to refund any amount already paid by the client/student in the event that the student decides to opt for a lesser priced service/product, returns textbooks or withdraw from prep program/service.

(2) Tractrain reserves the right to cease to offer its service where the student directly or indirectly solicits or induces any of the Tractrain staff/facilitators to arrange for private services without clearance from the management of Tractrain; notwithstanding full payment by the student for their intended service. Should a Tractrain staff/facilitator arrange for private prep or services without clearance from the management of Tractrain, the prep programme already paid for by client to Tractrain will be terminated immediately and payment forfeited.

(3) In the event that Tractrain terminates the services with the student as stated in paragraph 2 above, no refund of any sum already paid by the student shall be refunded by Tractrain.

(4) All programs/sessions not concluded by student within 150 days from the date of initial payment will be forfeited by the student. With the exception of a waiver, Tractrain reserves the right to charge 10% of the program prep fee for each session in the event of a readmission for the session for which the student was absent.

(5) In the event that the student decides to opt for admission package service, Tractrain does not guarantee that the desired school(s) will offer admission to a student(s) above other equally qualified applicants.

(6) In the event that the student decides to opt for services as stated in paragraph 5 above, Tractrain shall not be bound to change or extend the duration of the service in the event that the student refuses to provide the essay draft responses and other related information requested by Tractrain within 30 days.

(7) Admission services for each school are separate service and Tractrain will expect payment for service(s) rendered for each school.

(8) Tractrain shall not be bound to offer additional service(s) for free that was not clearly stated and agreed upon at the time the student engages Tractrain or starts prep program.

(9) It is mandatory for all test prep participants to take and send via email, three full-length CAT tests per week, from software recommended by Tractrain. Client agrees that failure to provide the required test scores significantly reduces his/her chances of excelling or meeting their targeted test score.

(10) Tractrain does not provide computers, tablets, free software, free textbooks, library service, daycare and childminding service, errand services, food or any special meals as part of a prep program or service.

(11) While ensuring that the best prep experience and cogent knowledge is offered on prep programs, Tractrain shall not be responsible for the test takers score.

(12) It is mandatory for the registration form (provided by Tractrain) to be filled and signed before a programme starts with Tractrain.

(13) Our client support line is +233-803-355-7712, it will be available to receive calls between 9am-6pm (mon-Sat.) only. Sms/text messages or email to services@tractrain.com can be sent at any time.

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