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Facilitator engagement terms, non-disclosure and code of conduct

All instructors/facilitators that facilitate any/all training sessions (or related services) at any time with Tractrain (or its agents/subsidiaries) are subject to the terms and conditions, non-disclosure agreement and code of conduct (and any other reasonably required conduct by management) displayed below.

1. Instructors must arrive at the training venue at least 40 minutes before a session/class commences. Prepare for each prep session and have a brief meeting with the coordinator(s). All study materials, notes, or learning aids to be used in class must be cleared first with the coordinator ahead of any scheduled session. In addition, all power-point slides or any session materials to be shared with the participant(s) or student(s) must be prepared beforehand (and sent at least 2 days ahead to the coordinator) for every session.

2. All sessions typically start at 9.15 am (exceptions and may apply as directed by the coordinator).

3. All instructors must be well-groomed (no excessive facial hair) and smartly dressed in formal dress (with a jacket) or smart casual with an office shirt and office shoes. Jeans, t-shirts, round necks tops, sneakers, polo tops, body hugs, native attires, sportswear, shorts, party wear, multi-coloured clothes, religious attire etc., are not allowed. Only a very professional appearance is acceptable. Chewing gum, singing, listening to music (even with earplugs), taking alcoholic beverages, eating snacks or meals of any nature is not permitted in class.

4. Each facilitator must send a detailed report of each session using the report url link (or via email to be sent to only the official email address provided by the coordinator) within 30minutes after each session and before the instructor leaves the venue. Failure to do so will mean that the session was never held and attract no remuneration by extension.

5. All sessions must be delivered in a standing position. Sitting down or beside the client(s) to deliver a class/ session is not allowed. In addition, instructors are not allowed to take any textbooks or any other item that belongs to the Tractrain without written, dated and signed authorization from the management or coordinator.

6. Any/all matters concerning the client must be directed to the coordinators only, preferably via phone and email. If/when official emails are assigned to instructors, they should be used strictly for Tractrain related work matter(s) only.

7. At no time (in the course of interactions with clients) are instructors or facilitators at liberty to suggest a change or carry out any change in the format, start time, duration, structure or mode of delivery of any/all sessions to students/participants/attendees of any programme before, during or after any session.

8. All suggestions or recommendations relating to a change in the format, topics, start time, duration, structure or mode of delivery of any/all sessions should be discussed only with the administrator or management. The administrator or management is solely responsible for adopting, rejecting, communicating or modifying the implementation of such suggestions or recommendations. For example, attempting to change an in-person live session or programme to a zoom session.

9. In the case of a part-time instructor or contract instructor, such part-time or contract engagements do not constitute or translate to employment.

10. The engagement with any/all instructor(s) is intricately and expressly tied to a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. The teaching engagement expressly prohibits mentioning/naming ‘Tractrain’ or displaying such engagement on any medium such as on cv resume, sending emails unrelated to Tractrain matters, posting or displaying on LinkedIn, blogs, Whatsapp, social media platforms, or any website/portals, etc. Instant forfeiture of any expected outstanding payment(s), discontinuation of any further engagement are some of the sanctions. Initiating legal processes may also be pursued by the management to seek redress.

11. All sessions/classes must not end before 4.30 pm, and instructors cannot leave the training venue before 4.30 pm for weekend sessions at the prep centres. Modifications, extensions and or exceptions may apply after an express clearance from management or coordinator.

12. All tutorial questions that require a solution sent in by the client (or coordinator) must be solved, typed, and submitted to the coordinator within 48 hours.

13. All instructors are to communicate (via email, Whatsapp and phone) to the administrator (or assigned officer) the following: 1. list of sessions taken every month .2.A detailed inventory of hard and/or softcopy of materials, textbooks, software or any other materials given to them by the firm and the date of receipt of each item within the last two days of every month. Failure to do so will result in significant but avoidable delays in processing remuneration(s).

14. Instructor(s) shall turn over to Tractrain all documents, papers, online materials or other material in his possession or under his control which may contain or be derived from confidential information, together with all documents, notes or other work products which are connected with or derived from Instructor’s services to Tractrain whether or not such material is at the date (today’s date) in Instructor’s possession. The instructor will have no proprietary interest in any work product developed or used by the Instructor and arising out of his engagement by Tractrain. Tractrain shall, from time to time, do all things which may be necessary to establish or document ownership of any such work product, including, but not limited to, execution of appropriate copyright applications or assignments.

15. The facilitators/instructors must reconfirm that a scheduled class will proceed as planned by calling the administrator and student (in the case of a private session) at least 12hour before such a scheduled session. Failure to do so will mean that any communication gap leading to a negative outcome (such as class cancellation or schedule modification) is directly attributable to the negligence of the facilitator/instructor and may result in a proportional penalty.

16. In the case of a private prep session, the facilitator/instructor must inform the administrator where such a session is cancelled or rescheduled by the students within 5 minutes of such an event. In the event where the facilitator/instructor gets to the client facility (or training centre) and the learning, the session fails to hold for a reason not caused by the instructor (for example, late coming), the facilitator/instructor will be entitled to compensation not exceeding 40% of the expected payment for such a cancelled or rescheduled session only if such cancellation is not caused directly or indirectly by the facilitator/instructor.

17. At the expiration (or termination) of engagement with the facilitators/instructors, the facilitators/instructors must return in excellent condition to the company’s office location, materials, textbook, software or any other materials given to him/her by the firm, and handed over within 6 hours of such disengagement or termination.

18. Instructor must take and report at least 1(one) full-length standardized tests (from the relevant exam, online simulation or software as directed by the administrator) weekly and report the scores weekly via email to verify that they are up-to-date and validate his/her competence.

19. All Instructors or facilitators must inform the administrator/coordinator at least two days ahead in the case of an unforeseen absence from agreed scheduled sessions; failure to do so will attract a minimum penalty of at least 30% of remuneration expected for the cancelled day (subject to change by management) and deducted from expected remuneration payable at the end of the month.

20. Showing up late on the day of an agreed session attracts a deduction (from any expected amount payable at the end of the month) of up to 25% of a day’s remuneration (subject to change by management) as a penalty and likely discontinuation of any further engagement with the instructor. Tractrain also reserves the right to execute instant forfeiture of any expected outstanding or expected month-end remuneration(s) in the event that an instructor(s) does not show up for a scheduled and agreed prep session.

21. Student/clients rate instructors (via an evaluation form or hard/softcopy form) after each learning session that instructors or facilitators deliver. In the event where a student/client rates an instructor or facilitator below 5 points (5 points is good) in two or more of the evaluation metrics (as contained in feedback rating), an administrative review and a re-evaluation of the instructor’s continued engagement will be triggered immediately. In straightforward cases of indifference to implementing corrections, the management reserves the right to apply a penalty of up to 16% of the expected remuneration for that particular session.

22. Payment for any/all sessions taken by instructors in any given month is paid within the first four days of the following month. No part or full payment will be made before the specified standard payment window. No additional remuneration of any kind, outside remunerations for sessions taken in any given month, will be made to facilitators and instructors.

23. Sanctions await surreptitious activities to solicit and/or offer service/business or sale of any kind to the company’s potential, current or past clients at any time (during or outside expected working hours) without written clearance from the company’s management.

24. Political/religious discussions with clients or proselytizing in any form are prohibited and not permitted by all instructors/facilitators (and participants). In addition, all gatherings or meetings that are not convened or facilitated by the Tractrain coordinator or management (or its representative) are strictly prohibited at all times.

25. Before, during or after learning sessions at any/all venues (including online), any/all recordings (video and/or audio), photographs, electronic or non-electronic capture, client data (contact or phone numbers), request/exchange of email is/are strictly prohibited. Request for/exchange of social media contact/handles, phone or any other personal contact number exchange between clients and instructors is strictly prohibited. The penalties include the instant forfeiture of any expected outstanding payment(s), discontinuation of any further engagement with the instructor, and likely initiating legal processes for redress by management.

26. All instructors/facilitators’ mobile phones must be on silent mode or switched off in the training room, classroom or during any training/learning session. Picking of calls, sending SMS/WhatsApp, etc., is prohibited while a session is ongoing.

27. For zoom/online tutoring/facilitation, the Tractrain zoom account only should be used (exceptions may apply after an express written clearance from management or coordinator). In addition, the session must be recorded in the zoom cloud; without the entire zoom session recorded in the zoom cloud (for verification), the session will not be considered taken/taught by the instructor and therefore attract no remuneration.

28. Personal computers, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices (with the exception of personal mobile phones) are not permitted to be brought to the center or any session; exception(s) may apply after an express clearance from management or coordinator.

29. All instructor are to show up in the office (location as assigned by management) once or twice a week to prepare/develop up to 35-40 questions per week, take full length test simulation (and report their scores weekly – minimum of 90th percentile) and get new updates. Such office activities will be at least 5 hours on each day; exception(s) may apply after an express written clearance from management or coordinator.

30. All instructors/facilitators are prohibited from engaging in any form of political/religious discussions or proselytizing in any form with participants/students or other facilitators/instructors. In addition, all gatherings or meetings that are not convened or facilitated by the Tractrain coordinator or management (or its representative) are not permitted at any time (before, during or after programmes).